Department of Applied Science

The Department offers applied science subjects (mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Humanities for all students of the institution. The institution has one Physics and one Chemistry Laboratory.


General Science

Department of Mathematics
Sl.No. Name Designation Phone Email
1 AnithaKumari S S Associate Professor and Head 9495301118
2 Sheeba G. Assistant Professor 9847541300
3 Dr.Rahumathulla K. Assistant Professor 9447104551
4 Deepa Devi. V Assistant Professor 9446100974
5 Dr.Indu. R.S Assistant Professor 9895120338
6 Dr.Saisree K G Assistant Professor 9995925879
Department of Physics
Sl.No. Name Designation Phone Email
1 Dr.NeenaSugathan Assistant Professor & Head 9497880192
2 Archana S Nair Assistant Professor 8848115758
Department of Chemistry
Sl.No. Name Designation Phone Email
1 Valsaraj V P Assistant Professor & Head 8547097661
2 Dr.Ajesh P Thomas Assistant Professor 8848283002
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