ISTE Faculty Chapter


1. ISTE DAY 2015

The ISTE Day 2015 was conducted in a fitting manner by conducting a faculty training programme on 21st Mat 2015 at GEC Bartonhill. Sri. RAD Pillai, Deputy Director(Rtd) VSSC and Executive Secretary, National Council IIIE inaugurated the programme. He spoke on Importance of professional bodies in the overall development of Faculty members. He emphasised the need for constant interaction with Industry. Sri. B. Jyothiraj, Master Balck Belt Trainer (Director, Missing Link and Visible Hands) presented the fundamentals of Six sigma. He also presented many case studies from real life examples where sig sigma is practised, Dr, N, R, Rajesh Secretrty – cum –treasurer welcomed the gathering. Dr. B. Anil, Principal presided. Vote of thanks were expressed by Sri. Anandu Chairman, ISTE Student Chapter.

Sri. Jyoyhiraj, Dr. B. Anil and Prof. RAD Pillai during the inaugural function

2. Annual General Body Meeting

The AGBM was conducted on 21st May 2015. The following persons have been elected unanimously for the executive committee.

1. Dr. N Vijayakumar, Principal (Chairman),
2. Prof. Sangeetha U, AP IT, Secretary cum Treasurer
3. Sri, Monish V. AP EEE (member, EC)
4. Sri. Raji M. APCE(Member, EC)
5. Sri. Santhoshkumar S V., APME (Member EC)
6. Sri, Christi James Joseph, APECE (Member, EC)
7. Sri. Anoop S K M., AP IT (Staff advisor, Student Chapter)

It was resolved to accelerate the activities and have minimum two activities every month. It was also resolved to enhance the Life Membership of the chapter by enrolling more members. Decided to conduct networking programme with nearby colleges.Five new life members joined .Lunch was arranged for all members.

3. Anti terrorism day (21 My 2012)

The nation is celebrationg Anti-terrorism day in memory of the Assassination of Raviv Gandh.It is mainly addressed to youth to empoer them of theor dutied snd responsibilities anf for remnding them on their role in nation guild. The Anti-Terrorism day was observed by ISTE chapter of GEC BH in the most befitting Manner, Principal B Anil spoke of the present day conditions an the damage happening to society due to un professional practices. Smt. Sangeethat U (Secretary Cum Teasurer) made a speech on the importance of vigilance ,the parents and teachers have to play in making the country terrorist free. The Anti terrorism oath was also taken during the function

Anti-terrorism Pledge

4.Green the Campus

ISTE Chapter Baron Hili started a campaign Cleen camups by plant see saping. Every staff member will plant and maintain . Trees were planted by Dr. B.Anil, Smt. Sangeetha U, Sri. RAD Pillai and Bindukumar

Prof.RAD Pillai Planting a tree