Parent Teacher Association

The Parent Teacher Association of Government Engineering College Barton hill is very active and is giving considerable assistance and financial support for the improvement of facilities within the institution. A large number of developmental programs have been taken up under the patronage of the PTA for the benefit of students and staff, including the funding for the establishing departmental libraries for the faculty. The objectives of the association are:


  • To work for the welfare of the students and the institution.
  • To offer constructive suggestions for the smooth and successful functioning of this college.
  • To promote better participation of the parents in the various programs of the college and to establish better liaison with the teachers

The PTA provides financial assistance to meritorious and needy students with consistent academic record. The best student in each branch of engineering is awarded by the PTA. Cash awards are also given to top scorers of even semesters in the university examination.

The following endowments were constituted by the PTA for the students:

  • Prof. Krishnankutty Memorial Endowment Award: Highest CGPA scorers in each branch
  • Prof. T. S. Sunilkumar Memorial Endowment Award: Highest CGPA scorers in first year of each branch (Constituted by Staff & Faculty)
  • Sri. Madhavan Pillai – K. N. Seetha Memorial Endowment Award: Highest GATE scorer (Constituted by Prof. M. Mahadevan, Ex. Principal)
  • Prof. B. Anil Endowment Award: Best Outgoing Student (Constituted by Prof. B. Anil, Ex. Principal)
  • Sri. E. J. Somaraj Memorial Endowment Award: Highest Mark Scorer for Subject Electrical Machines 1 & 2 (Constituted by Prof. Sheela, Ex. HoD, Electrical)
  • Rev. Fr. John Chathoth Endowment Award: Highest Mark Scorer for Subject Geotechnical Engineering 1 & 2 (Constituted by Prof. Mary John, Ex. HoD, Civil)

 The awards will be distributed during the PTA annual general body meeting.


GECBH PTA Executive Committee w.e.f 26.03.2017

Sl.No Name Designation Mobile No Email Name of ward Class
1 Dr. Rajasree M. S. President 9497720277
2 Sri. Divakar Lal D. Vice President 9496815598, Archa P. Lal S6 EEE
3 Dr. Anish K. John Secretary 9446100541
4 Smt. Liju B. Nair Joint Secretary 8547857969 Ananthakrishnan S. Nair S6 ME
5 Prof. Shijin Knox G.U. Treasurer 9961395039
6 Smt. Najuma Beegum E. Member (Parent) 9496278989 Raasib S. Juman S6 IT
7 Sri. Suresh Kumar V. Member (Parent) 9895532446 Aparna S. S4 EEE
8 Sri. Hari Das Member (Parent) 8606309653 Haroon S4 CE
9 Sri. Jayadharan T. Member (Parent) 9447552758 Midhun Kruishna A.J. S4 ME
10 Smt. Pushpa Kumari R. Member (Parent) 9048746446 Omjith S.P S6 IT
11 Sri. Jayakumar R. Member (Parent) 9447060762 Aiswarya J.S S6 CE
12 Smt. Rani Madhu Member (Parent) 9947181299 Anjali S6 CE
13 Sri. Gopalakrishnan Nair Member (Parent) 9446340590 Shreyas B. S. Nair S6 ME
14 Sri. Rajendran S. Member (Parent) 9447489017 Sreejith & Abhijith S4 CE & S2 IT
15 Sri. Vijayakumar S. Member (Parent) 9746769981 Vrinda S2 EE
16 Sri. Shaji Navas Member (Parent) 9447205796 Anfal Mohammed S4 ME
17 Prof. K. L. Sreekumar UG Dean 9446070050
18 Dr. S. Anil Lal HoD ME 9447007935
19 Dr. V. Suresh Babu HoD ECE 9495502300
20 Prof. Balu John HoD IT 9895259420
21 Dr. Dinesh Pai A. HoD EEE  9446101858
22 Dr. Jaya V. HoD CE 8547111246
23 Prof. Sunil C  Bahanan College union advisor 9446536171
24 Dr. Rakesh P. Hostel Warden 8138031001