College Union

The college has a student’s union. The objectives of the college union are

  •  To train the students of the college in the duties, responsibilities and rights of citizenship.
  •  To promote opportunities for the development of character, leader- ship, efficiency, knowledge and the spirit of service among the stu- dents.
  •  To encourage sports, arts and other cultural, educational and recre- ational activities which are incidental and conducive to the above objectives.
  • To work for the union, the term of which is generally one year from the date from which the union assumes office or till the date of the election to the union in the subsequent year.


 Arts day (Sargam’15) :  The festival of GECB, Sargam’15 was inaugurated by famous Cine artist Sri Nandalal Krishnamoorthy on February 19. The support and participation was overwhelming and the fest was celebrated from February 19-20. The talents of GECB made the fest an exciting memory in the hearts of all GECBians. Overall trophy was won by S4 EC and Geethu SS of S4 EC was adjudged as Kalathilakam and Kalaprathibha was presented to Akhil KB of S6 ME.

 Sports Day : The annual sports day was held on March 24 at Central Stadium. Our honorable Principal Dr. B Anil inaugurated the meet which witnessed the energy and sportsmanship owned by the students. Job George of S6 CE and Nidhi Rai of S6 IT were the individual champions. The much coveted football and cricket tournament cups were won by S6 ME and S8 EC respectively. The overall trophy was won by S6 Civil for a straight third time which is a commendable achievement.

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