Govt. Engineering College, Barton Hill

The  campus has been Wi-Fi enabled effective from 20.03.2014.

To reach this goal, we had to go through different stages involving laying OFC Backbone interconnecting main buildings, wired network in all areas inside buildings (in major Labs, all staff rooms & administrative office), single LAN, introducing DHCP, Web Filtering, better bandwidth, etc.

Now, we can be proud that we have 24×7 internet connectivity of high bandwidth (100 Mbps NKN connection) with 10 Mbps NMEICT connection and 2 Mbps Leased Line support, both as wired and Wi-Fi network in almost all areas in campus.

The various departments/sections covered under Wi-Fi are:


  1. Main Administrative building (All 7 floors including Library)
  2. Mechanical Lab Block (including ADAM, CADD Lab, PG Labs)
  3. New Drawing Hall & proposed CADD Room (Civil) over the Mech Lab Block
  4. EC/IT Block (All floors including the new IT Labs at 2nd floor)
  5. Mechanical Workshop
  6. New Computer Lab/CADD Lab (EEE dept)
  7. Old Server Room and Labs (IT Department)
  8. Proposed English Language Lab (Near old office)
  9. MTech Class Rooms (old office)
  10. PTA Building (All floors)
  11. Mini Auditorium
  12. Ladies Hostel (Lobby), and,
  13. All main outdoor areas in campus including Canteen, NSS Room etc.


Wi-Fi access will be available for all staff, students, guests etc.


Note:- As part of a Cyber Agreement entered between our institution and Govt. of India, to make available high-speed internet connectivity (100 Mbps, NKN connection) in campus, it is necessary that all user activities will have to be monitored, logged and recorded. A SAN storage (20 TB) with a Forti Log Analyzer system has been installed and now functioning in campus for the purpose.


Accordingly, all internet users in campus (both through Wi-Fi and Wired) will be regulated through individual Wi-Fi /Internet account w.e.f. 01.04.2014.


How to get a Wi-Fi / Internet account?


Student Account:


A student desirous of getting a Wi-Fi/Internet account will have to register for the same. Copy of the Registration Form is available in the college website and at Students’ Facilitation Centre.

The filled-up Registration Form, duly recommended by the Staff Advisor, should be submitted at the IT Lab,  EC/IT Block, on any working day.


On accepting an application, the student will receive an email from  itsupport@gecbh.ac.in  requesting him/her  to forward his/her username and password (for WI-Fi / Internet access), by return mail.

On receipt of username/password as above, the student will be intimated about activation of his/her Wi-Fi/ Internet account through his/her registered e-mail ID.


Staff Account:


A staff desirous of getting a Wi-Fi / Internet account shall send a request by mail from his/her e-mail ID (as given in the Information Bulletin)with particulars of his/her Name, Designation and Department, addressed to itsupport@gecbh.ac.in.  Any change in one’s mail-ID from that listed in Information Bulletin shall be intimated in advance before sending the request.


He/she will then receive a mail from  itsupport@gecbh.ac.in requesting to forward his/her username and password (for WI-Fi / Internet access), by return mail. Thereafter, the concerned staff will be intimated about activation of his/her Wi-Fi/ Internet account through mail.


How to login?


The details on how to activate a Wi-Fi / Internet account on receipt of a username and password will also be intimated through mail.


Usage Policy:


Wi-Fi will be available on Laptops, Desktops and in all devices (other than running Android application).

Wi-Fi will be active in campus from 8.00 AM to 6.00 PM on all days.

In Ladies Hostel (lobby area), Wi-Fi will be active only from 6.00 AM to 8.00 AM and from 4.00 PM to 10 PM.

All social media and networking sites are currently blocked. However, such sites will be open for limited usage from 12 Noon to 1.00 PM and from 4.00 PM to 5.00 PM on all days.


Note:- In the light of introduction of a user account system for Wi-Fi / Internet connectivity in campus, it is essential that all students/staff obtaining a WiFi / Internet account, leaving the institution, should report the IT department (Server Room) to surrender their account.


IT Department, GEC, Barton Hill.