CERD Innovation Center

CERD Innovation Centre Activities


Faculty in charge: Prof. Alex Raj S M, Dept. Of ECE

  1. “Campus based Mobile application”- Voice of GECB was sponsored by CERD IC

Student Project scholar——-Geethu S S , S4 ECE

Grant Given from CERD IC———Rs 7000/-

Principal Investigator ———Prof.Alex Raj S M, Dept. Of ECE

About the App

Voice of GECB is a campus news app for Government Engineering College, Barton ill. This is a web based app. It helps students to get details about all the events happening in our college within a single app. It has various sections like university notifications, CGPU, technical societies, student achievements, upcoming events etc. Under each link, the details, upcoming events etc of each section is listed. This app helps students from missing events that happen in our college.

This application will let the user know the details of all the happenings in the college. In the application the news regarding the various university notifications, technical and non-technical organisations, CGPU, etc will be listed. The feeds from the facebook pages of various societies will be accessed and displayed. The students will be able to get all the campus news in a single application.

Voice of GECB helps the students of Government Engineering College BartonHill to stay updated about the happenings in the campus. It also helps them from missing out events happening in the college and be aware. This mobile application helps the students of GECB to stay updated about the happenings of the college. After the application being uploaded in the playstore, the students, alumni and faculty of the college can stay updated about the events happening in the college.

Technical Details

Voice of GECB is a web based mobile application. Intel XDK is the tool used to create this app. This is a hybrid app which brings and html5 app into a native android platform.

The app is web based and the database is stored in cloud. Web hosting is done online and the hosted content is accessed by the native app.

Cloud database storage is a main feature that is used in this app. Intel XDK has very impressively helped in compiling the web app to suit the android platform.


2.“Hachathon”- Technical event – sponsored by CERD IC 20-22 March 2015

Grant given for the event———       Rs 20000/-

 About the event

Faculty in charge of the event           : Prof.Anoop SKM

On 21st of March 2015, the second day of Aagneya’15, the event Hackacthon was conducted in the college campus. Hackathon a 24-hour web app development competition kicked off at 2pm in the afternoon in Unnathi Hall and Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Kerala sent their respective reps to take class and conduct the competition. The Registrations began at 1:30pm and at 2 pm it was closed. As the event began there were * registrations. They were students from various colleges in Kerala. At first it was an introduction session where the participants and the Mozilla reps got to know each other. The Mozilla Reps, Mr. Kumaresan Subash, Mr. Shine Nelson and Mr. Gautham Krishna R introduced themselves to the participants first and then they enquired the participants about their whereabouts and the skills they possessed in creating apps. The Mozilla Reps gave a brief introduction about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript at first since they were very much required for developing web apps. By 10 pm every participant had an idea about what they were about to make. Then they learned about the necessary tools required for the implementation of their idea. Since the event was overnight heavy coding took place at night. On 22nd March the next day the event was concluded at 2pm. The blood bank app which was made by Jayadeep C M of CET was declared the winner of the competition and it had the highest rating in the Firefox market place.


The event  BEST ENGINEER, in association with AAGNEYA 2015, was conducted on 20th March, 2015 in the college premises. The event began with the preliminary written test to shortlist the students for the final rounds. It was a general event and various students, from different colleges, irrespective of branches, attended the preliminary exam. Out of 13 students who attended the prelims, the top ten were selected for the finals


. The second round was the ‘Interview Round’ in which the students were interviewed by the judging panel. The panel consisted of Kiran C J of Civil Dept, Dr N. Pavithran of Electrical Dept and Anver Sadith of Mechanical Dept. The judging was based on the technical knowledge, core subject knowledge and the interaction skills of each student. The next was the ‘Rubik’s Cube’ round, which the each student was to solve one phase of the Rubik’s cube provided, within a time limit. The ‘Junkyard Wars’ was the last round. The participants were grouped into team of two and were provided with some junks. The task was to design and make a ‘water rocket’ out of the junk provided within the time provided. The water rockets of the teams were launched and the time of flight of the rocket was noted based on which marks were awarded for the best design and longest flight.

The marks obtained by each student in the three rounds were calculated and summed to find the winner of the event. All the finalists performed well throughout the rounds and Mr. Aniston Antony, 3rd year Automobile Engg from SCT College of Engineering, secured the first position and was declared The Best Engineer. Mr. Vaisakh V, 4th year in Mechanical Engg from Marian College of Engineering, came in the second place and Mr. Edwin Jose, 3rd year Mechanical Engg from College of Engineering came third. The event was concluded by the prize distribution ceremony. Ashik M (technical head of Aagneya 2015) awarded the prize money of Rs.5000/- to the winner, Mr. Aniston Antony and an amount of Rs. 3000/- to Mr. Vaisakh V for the second place.


3.“Technical exhibition”- sponsored by CERD IC-20-22 March 2015

Grant given for the event———       Rs 25000/-

Faculty in charge of the event           : Prof.Anoop SKM

Technical Exhibition.

The event technical exhibition was conducted in association with Aagneya ’15on 20,21,22 March 2015.The event created a platform for the students of various departments to express their innovative thinking towards technical models. There has been an appreciable participation from various colleges. The main attraction of the exhibition was a countdown timer setup a month before Aagneya ’15.The other exhibits includes mainly Hyperboloid Structure ,Foundation Details and model of Burj khalifa,Water level indicator ,infinite mirroretc. The exhibition included models related with all the departments of the college.


Grant given for the event———       Rs 40000/-

About the project

Students involved in the project                 :Alan Baby Koshy,   Sajith S V,     Tashi SS,Satheerth    Omjith S P,Principle investigator                        : Prof.Jayasree

The project is focus to develop two autonomous Robots specifically a Hexapod and a Line Following Robot. A Hexapod can walk on any surface like sloppy or rough or smooth surfaces. The line follower robot is designed to trace a path with a thick line having a very contrast colour from its background. Till now line follower robots are much slower and unsteady in turns and curves but newly developed  Robot is much faster and steadier and programmed in Embedded C. The Motion of the Robots are controlled by the use of Optical IR Sensors. The new robot is designed in such a way that it requires no external Interference from the developers once kept in their Tracks/Path.

Prizes won by the Project

  • Alan Baby Koshy, Sajith S V, Omjith S P, Tashi SS, Satheerth ofS1S2 Information Technology got Second Prize in Indo US Robo League(IURL) conducted by Technophilia.
  • From South Zone 60 groups participated , among this our students won Second Prize They participatedin the national level competition of Indo US Robo League -2015 at Aavriti IIT Bombay.   Purchase of Furniture & Equipments for CERD ICDigital storage Oscilloscope              :Rs 94051.65/-
  • Furniture (KSIDCO)                        :Rs 60,333/-