Technology Business Incubator

Technology Business Incubation Centre – Barton Hill (TBI-GECB)

Proposals invited from eligible students and alumni of Government Engineering College Bartonhill, Thiruvananthapuram for becoming technology business incubators.


As part of skill development initiatives of Technology Business Incubation Centre, Government Engineering College Barton Hill, help students to acquire the latest technical skills, so that they can take up industrially relevant projects effectively and to enhance their career.

TBI Activities 




Contact:  Prof.Biju K S,(co-ordinator),

Assistant Professor, Department of ECE,

GEC Barton Hill




New startup of GECBH-  HapCyan


New Startup of TBI-GECBH_MoU was signed on 3rd October 17.

M/s.MechADS(Mechatronic Aided Driving System)is the fourth Start-up of GECB-TBI


Members:Amin ZameelN., S5 ME

Anfal Mohammed, S5 ME



M/s.MechADShave joined GECBH Technology Business Incubation Centre and a MoU was signed by the incubate on 3rd September 2017.

The project has been divided into two segments. One is that which take care of the clutch, automating it to a large extent and also easing the use of it. The system which assists the use of clutch pedals has been named as CHIP which stands for Clutch Handling Intelligent Product.The second one is to help control the accelerator and the brake with just the hands instead of legs. The second system comes to use mainly for the disabled people.The system which is for helping the people with paralysed and semi paralysed legs to control the brake and the accelerator and is named as ABAS (Accelerator and Brake Assisting System).