Date Fl.No. Title Last Date File
20-07-2022 P1/5475/22/GECBH Purchase of Tag holder ,Tag,machine ribbon 01-08-2022 View
15-06-2022 P1/3597/22/GECBH Purchase of Consumables for Mechanical Department 15-06-2022 View
15-06-2022 01/2022-23/P2/7997/22/GECBH/SN Purchase of 96 nos of SMF Batteries for IT department 30-06-2022 View
15-06-2022 02/2022-23/P2/732/22/GECBH/SN USRP Kit and Daughter board to conduct the laboratory course 30-06-2022 View
07-03-2022 P1/1561/22/GECBH Purchase of Components for EC Dept 14-03-2022 View
02-03-2022 P1/7674/21/GECBH Purchase of CCTV 09-03-2022 View
28-02-2022 P1/727/22/GECBH Up-gradation of Vertical Turret Machine 07-03-2022 View
28-02-2022 P1/672/22/GECBH Fixing of net in sargam stage 05-03-2022 View
28-02-2022 P1/672/22/GECBH Purchase of sports Items 05-03-2022 View
23-02-2022 P2/615/22/GECBH Purchase of Mechanical Tools for developing prototyping products in TBI 05-03-2022 View
15-02-2022 P1/1088/22/GECBH Quotation for Purchase of Theodolites 25-02-2022 View
10-02-2022 P1/1067/22/GECBH Refilling of 50 numbers of fire extinguishers 21-02-2022 View
05-02-2022 1/2022-23/P2/2229/21/GECBH/SN Retender of Annual maintenance contract for Lift 1 and 2 15-02-2022 View
06-01-2022 P2/7732/21/GECBH A CBR testing machine with Digital flow and load read out values in Civil Department 18-01-2022 View
06-01-2022 P2/7730/21/GECBH Purchase of One Potentiostat/Galvanostat and Standard cell Kit for the nanoelectronics research lab in the ECE department. 18-01-2022 View
06-01-2022 P2/7312/21/GECBH Purchase of Rotary Engine Stand suitable for Mercedes Benz Engines in ADAM lab in Government Engineering College, Bartonhill 18-01-2022 View
24-12-2021 1/2021-22/P2/2229/21/GECBH/SN Annual maintenance contract for Lift 1 & 2 in Government Engineering College ,Barton Hill 12-01-2022 View
05-01-2022 Up-gradation of existing CNC Control Unit of Lathe Machine 05-01-2022 View
10-01-2022 P1/8457/21/GECBH Up-gradation of existing Machine tool unit of Lathe Machine 10-01-2022 View
02-01-2022 P2/6760/21/GECBH Purchase of Books - List of Books 2020-21 - Maximum Discount Offer 15-01-2022 View