The Career Guidance & Placement Unit (CGPU)

About CGPU

The Career Guidance & Placement Unit (CGPU) committee comprises of the Principal, the Coordinator, Faculty Members and Student representatives. Prof. Ramesh S, Associate Professor (ME) is the coordinator (TPO) who can be reached at (Ph. 9895342277).

The raison d’etre of the Career Guidance and Placement Unit (CGPU) is the overall development of the individual student and providing a platform to launch their careers. Specifically, each student graduating from GECB should

Have a positive and winning attitude

Be a professional who is able to work synergistically as part of a team and collective

Be able to appreciate diverse perspectives, handle conflicts and form a balanced worldview

Have it in them to dedicate time and wholehearted effort to the task at hand

Be capable of expressing oneself lucidly in a variety of interactions – be it a presentation, an interview or a discussion

The Career Guidance and Placement Unit (CGPU) of the college actively organizes campus recruitments and training programmes for students. Our college has hosted some of the best and most trusted for campus placement. The institution being the choice of meritorious students in the state, employers have found it a major talent pool for students across branches.

The CGPU also focuses on developing industry-readiness in the students. Placement-oriented training as well as training programs on other technical and non-technical topics are organized on a regular basis. Continual motivation and support is provided for

students interested in pursuing higher studies as well as for those aspiring to enter the Civil Services and other such careers.

Interaction with industry experts and alumni are facilitated and encouraged through on-campus sessions, networking opportunities, social media, and mentoring. The CGPU also plays a key role in developing a favorable ecosystem for nurturing startups and similar student ventures.

Contact CGPU

Dr. Rakesh P

Associate Professor

Mechanical Engineering Department

Phone : +91-9497574370

Email :